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  • Whelping Box
  • Whelping Box                
  • Giant Whelping Boxes 150 cm x 120 cm x 40m Now Available-especially made for the greyhounds.

    Protect your valuable puppies with the Thermostatically Controlled Whelping Box.

    This whelping box is THERMOSTATICALLY controlled. Turn the thermostat to your desired temperature and the pilot light light comes on. When the pilot light goes off, the box has reached the temperature you desire. The outer perimeter of the whelping box is unheated to allow an area for your puppies and mother to lie in, should they become too warm.

    The features of the Whelping Box includes;

    Internal Crush Rail and Aluminium Anti-bite Rail surrounds the top.
    Easy to Clean Surfaces and Easy to Change Floors.
    Extra height to keep puppies in longer with a 2 Level Entry Door.
    Thermostatic heat from 0 to 40 deg Celcius minimising puppy loss through dehydration or hypothermia.
    As the box stays at the same temperature, you select with or without the mother in it. Safe, reliable, durable and professionally built to last. 1 year warranty on all electrics.

    The CRUSH RAIL can be removed at your discretion - usually when the puppies are about 2 weeks old and the mother has orgainised herself and has settled down. The front panel doors can be removed one at at a time as you require.

    The whelping box is available in the following sizes;

    65cm x 85cm x 30cm
    90cm x 90cm x 30cm
    90cm x 120cm x 40cm
    120cm x 120cm x 40cm

    The DEEPER box keeps puppies in longer and gives you more control over them.

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